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CEU’S: Free for members for District Meetings across the state

Clinical Workshops: including those required by the BBS, such as Law & Ethics

Ethics Consultations: from trained ethics consultants

Mentorship Program: for those entering the field or changing direction

Clinical Update Newsletter: professionally relevant articles and information


Networking: at district meetings and other CSCSW events

District Meetings: provide clinical education and in-person networking opportunities

Statewide Listserv: online forum to connect with members statewide for information and resources

Therapist Finder: member directory for finding referrals

Online Marketplace: free classifieds, service announcements and job board on our website


Education: To provide educational opportunities, training, and information that meet members’ needs.

Advocacy: To advocate for members and the profession before the legislature and relevant regulatory agencies.

Ethics: To articulate and uphold professional ethics and standards of professionalism.

Monitor Trends: To monitor environmental trends that affect social work practice and advocate for corrective action.

Value: To increase recognition of the value of practitioners and the profession among allied professions in the healthcare industry and the public.

Mentorship: To mentor individuals entering the profession.


Supervisor List: CSCSW Members supervising for licensure hours

Mentorship Program: providing guidance regarding education, career, professional development and networking

Clinical Consultation Groups: CSCSW Fellows leading groups to provide clinical support as an adjunctive learning experience

Board of Behavioral Sciences Liaison: facilitating communication between members and the BBS


  • Social justice
  • Client advocacy
  • Legislative alerts
  • Insurance updates
  • Licensing


Join one of our statewide committees:

  • Communication 
  • Education 
  • Member Benefits 
  • Mentorship 
  • Advocacy 
  • Fund Raising


  • California Society for Clinical Social Work was founded in 1969 to ensure the continued existence and quality of clinical social work as a mental health discipline. 
  • Founding CSCSW members were instrumental in winning licensure for clinical social workers in 1965. 
  • CSCSW advocated for and achieved parity with other mental health professions, allowing LCSW’s to bill insurance and become independent practitioners. 
  • The Institute for Clinical Social Work — was created by CSCSW members to offer the first clinical doctorate in the nation.
  “I find membership invaluable, not only for the camaraderie, networking and educational experiences offered, but also as I deeply value the social work profession. CSCSW validates and supports all that we do and represent. I am proud to be a member for over two decades.”

“Reconnecting with the Society has been one of the most valuable things I have done during my transition from agency work to private practice. The sense of community, the workshops offered and the support (on many levels) that I have received have been so helpful.”

“I’m a new social worker who works at an agency. Joining CSCSW has given me something I would probably never have found elsewhere – access to many, many experienced professionals in the field. I encourage any social worker to join and take advantage of this and the slew of other benefits the Society has to offer.”

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