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Practicing During a Pandemic: Legal and Ethical Considerations Description: This three-hour presentation is intended for licensed helping professional (i.e., LCSWs, LMFTs, etc.) in California and focuses on the present state of telehealth. The topics address the provision of telehealth services, in light of the emergence of COVID-19, which has prompted many licensed practitioners to migrate – temporarily or permanently – toward online practice. Recent changes to telehealth laws will be highlighted, along with relevant ethical and professional standards. Materials included will reference both clinical and administrative considerations for the practice of psychotherapy. Attention will be given to risks and consequences of telehealth services. Moreover, issues related to client diversity and for keeping an in-person practice open will be discussed. Cultural Humility and the Pursuit of Social Justice Presenters: Myles Montgomery, LCSW, JD and Jaya Roy, MA, ASW Description: Ethical codes call on helping professionals to pursue social justice and challenge oppression through legislation, policies, and practice. In light of recent events, including police violence, tension has emerged in the United States around issues of systemic racism. Consequently, anti-racism efforts have received attention in the domains of higher education to legislation. Following the aftermath of the 1994 Rodney King incident, cultural humility emerged as a concept that challenged norms and conventional understanding about how to address issues of diversity in professional fields. In the context of current events, cultural humility offers an opportunity to pursue notions of social justice in the helping professions.

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