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Issues in Law, Ethics and Telehealth | Jan 7, 2023

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CEUs: 6 CEU’s meets law and ethics BBS requirement for licensing renewal -- Meets new BBS requirement, effective July 1, 2023, for 3 hours of telehealth law and ethics training Presenter: Brandt Caudill Description: This talk will focus on how to avoid lawsuits and Board complaints by complying with evolving standards of care. There will be a specific focus on the standard of care, new types of therapy, standards and issues as to telehealth, including compliance with new statutes and regulations, the potential for being required to defend telehealth services in other states, and risks of using social media and the internet. Learning Objectives: Following completion of this presentation, participants will be able to: Explain a five part model on the standard of care which can be used in daily practice. Understand how the duty to warn has changed due to Ewing v. Goldstein and Turner v. Rivera. Describe the requirements to be met and the risks of telehealth services with clients outside California. Understand the limits of Covid exemptions.

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