District Meeting | Mindfulness + Self-Compassion: An Experiential Lecture/Workshop

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This experiential (online) Mindfulness and Self-Compassion workshop will offer practices for cultivating the “allowing awareness” of mindfulness, for offering kindness and friendship to ourselves; for transforming difficulties; and for cultivating and deepening a sense of connection, belonging, appreciation, and wellbeing within ourselves and with others. The presentation will begin with guided mindful movement, awareness of breathing practices, and a brief body scanning and sensory awareness meditation, incorporating self-compassion. A brief history and review of the research in the fields of both mindfulness and self-compassion will be presented; followed by a description of basic precautions for guiding mindful self-compassion practices, and a comparison of mindfulness and self-compassion training and practice. Participants will learn a mindful “S.T.O.P.” practice to use daily and to share with others; self-inquiry with a “B-E-T Check-in” (Body–Emotions–Thoughts), a “Mindful Self-Compassion Break,” practice, and 2 different LovingKindness meditations. Fundamental principles inherent in the healing aspects of these practices will be explained. Participants will watch brief animations supporting their understanding and enjoyment of the ideas and practices presented.

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