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District Meeting | Enhancing Clinical Skills in Building a Therapeutic Relationship

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The therapeutic relationship is the rapport between the clinician and the client. It’s a collaborative agreement based on trust, respect, and empathy. Rapport building in therapeutic relationships is a necessary set of steps in helping people create insight and lasting change. With the popularity of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other manualized treatment, there seems to be a lack of emphasis on these essential clinical skills. This workshop will cover these basic skills. We will also discuss the four elements that characterize psychodynamic work, for example, working with the client’s defenses. Together, we will cover the essentials of creating rapport and how to weave in cognitive techniques. Questions for discussion: Are psychodynamic and CBT techniques compatible? What are ways to promote positive outcomes in clinical work? What is integrity in practice? Learning Objectives: Define clinical social work. List the essential elements of creating therapeutic rapport. Refresh understanding of clinical work through a brief review of relational skill. Identify ways to create a practical mixture of psychodynamic therapy and CBT or other manualized treatments for the benefit of clients.

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